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Laura Patrick, PT, Owner Kids Physio Group, Private Academy Admin on training and scalability

“I would absolutely recommend Embodia. They have absolutely surpassed my expectations when it comes to hosting all of the proprietary content that Kids Physio requires in a way that allows us to really scale and train our employees.”

Embodia is a comprehensive platform for physiotherapists and their clients. It can do and offers everything from a video based exercise library that is easy to add to, a virtual rehab platform, an education sharing tool, a communication tool and a major provider of online professional development courses. It has truly been an amazing addition to our arsenal in my clinic and I have learned so much from Maggie along the way! One last thing - Embodia's customer service is amazing; prompt and effective!

Leslie Tempest, PT, Owner ProActive Rehab

I've used a few practice systems and Embodia’s is by far the most versatile and user friendly. The patient app is incredible and as a Pelvic Health Nurse and Personal Trainer the exercise prescription with videos is mega useful. I can cancel paying for another app now. It's all in one place! And the pelvic health courses and content are a huge bonus!

Emily Spillman, Pelvic Health Nurse, Women’s Health & Fitness Coach

Nathan Augeard, PT, Owner Physio Connection, Tier 3 user on practice management

“I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing practice management software that is offered by a highly motivated team.”

I would highly recommend Embodia's services to any physiotherapist. I own my own physiotherapy clinic and I use Embodia's exercise program prescription services frequently with my patients. I've also been impressed with the clinical courses I have taken via Embodia's platform.

Corinne Wade, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and Owner of Kare Physio

As a small business and solopreneur, I was having trouble keeping my clients and payments organized. As soon as I started using Embodia, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. The platform is easy to use, customize, and communicate with clients. There are multiple payment options, and the receipts are auto-populated. Clients are able to login to their own accounts to access Education, Exercises, Receipts and Future Appointments all in one spot! There is even an area to message directly with clients, which I find really helpful as it keeps all communication in one place. The Embodia customer service team has been excellent and very open to requests and support. They are constantly looking for newer and better ways to streamline the experience to make it look professional and work efficiently. I just love that Embodia offers everything from online scheduling, charting, exercises and receipts in one spot! Thank you for creating this, and I look forward to continuing to use it!

Surabhi Veitch, PT and Owner of The Passionate Physio

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Embodia has lots of great features! Scheduling and completing virtual visits is easy and my patients love the exercise app.

Jennifer Johnson, Owner of Stayner Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy

Alyssa Hanson, Clinician using Private Academy on internal training and continuing education

“I’ve had the opportunity to do more continuing education from my computer which is great - you don’t have to go to a course all the time.”

Incorporating Embodia into my clinical care has been a game changer, especially with the current shift toward virtual care. I have never liked using digital platforms before this one! I am a convert. My patients tell me it is easier to know they are doing their exercises correctly, they appreciate the reminders and they like having an easy way to contact me. I like being able to easily share more "homework" and education while keeping track of how my patients are doing. The Embodia Academy has also been a great addition to my continuing education. Being able to take quality courses virtually has been great.

Geneviève Renaud, Diploma Sport PT, RISPT, FCAMPT

Robyn Synnott, Pelvic Health PT and HEP user, discussing patient engagement

“I think clients like it because it’s videos, so instead of just getting a paper and reading the directions every time they do the exercises, they hear the instructions and that’s a lot easier for them to keep doing. And it’s on their phone which is really helpful.”

This is one of the most cost and time effective methods to keep up to date on the latest research and education in physical therapy!

Tracey McQuair, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

See what patients are saying about Embodia

Having access to Embodia video clips for each of the exercises has been extremely helpful. It almost feels like your personal PT has come to visit you daily! My physio has been able to remind me of the little details that make a difference in practicing the exercises.

Katie M., Patient

Bill Rutsey, Patient, discussing the effectiveness of video based exercise programs

“It shows you exactly what to do, when to do it and in what order to do your exercises. It’s like going from the stone age to the modern age.”

I had such a positive experience using Embodia. The online sessions provide the opportunity to practice physiotherapy from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, Embodia is an accessible app that tracks your progress through diary entries and the physiotherapists recorded progress notes. The videos are a helpful way to remember each of the exercises learned in session. Also, having the option to select ‘complete exercise’ provides the user with a rewarding sense of accomplishment. I would recommend Embodia to anyone looking to practice physiotherapy!

Desirae D., Patient

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Carly Waring, Director of Growth & Operations at Kids Physio Group and Private Academy Admin, on organizational unity, scalability, and onboarding

“It’s really optimized our training and onboarding process. It has been such a great tool for our team so far in disseminating information super efficiently, it has definitely made us a more scalable company.”

I have been using Embodia for over a year now for our clinic and it's been great. It's so easy to use and customize. The clinic admin login lets me see everything I need to help things run smoothly; viewing and editing schedules and availabilities, accessing clinic settings, patient information, and, of course, billing. The customization of services, what's available for online booking, and questionnaires has been invaluable as well. It's both easy and efficient to use and completely tailored to us. We love it!

Kristen Lee, Clinic admin

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Carolyn Vandyken, Instructor and HEP user, sharing what she loves about our HEP

“I started working with Embodia right from its inception, which has been very exciting! Embodia has been fabulous to work with and certainly have provided a professional and accessible way to assign exercises to our patients.”

How perfect is it to have a physio who understands the rehab piece and con ed, teamed with a techie partner who understands building platforms and delivering content? I leapt at the chance to partner to bring info to more folks!

Julie Wiebe, Physical Therapist, Clinician/Educator

Darryl Yardley, Embodia Instructor and HEP user, sharing what he loves about Embodia

“Measuring progress and patients’ accountability to their program has been exceptional and has actually improved the communication that we have between patients, therapists, and orthopedic surgeons.”

Excellent platform to learn a comprehensive amount of information relevant to my clinical PT practice from the comfort of my home, at my schedule’s convenience and for an incredibly low monthly price. Have never been so satisfied with my continuing education! And many courses and webinars are free if you are a subscriber.

Diana Perez, Sports Physiotherapy, Yoga Therapist

Ginger Garner, Embodia Instructor, discussing the importance of online continuing education

“Embodia [is] a physical therapist owned and founded organization…and can understand, in a deeper way, the needs of our communities, especially in our fast-paced, evolving educational system how education needs to push outside the boundaries of what we grew up learning to embrace lifestyle medicine for example, as a future way of practice.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning through Embodia and have also enjoyed teaching as one of the continuing education providers. What I appreciate most is their commitment to offering quality education, dedication to customer service, and commitment to their core values as they continue to grow and evolve. Embodia treats us continuing education providers with fairness, kindness and with genuine interest and care for our needs, with the shared vision/mission of providing value to Embodia members.

Shelly Prosko, Physiotherapist, Yoga Therapist, Embodia Instructor

Mike Stewart, Embodia Instructor, sharing why he teaches with Embodia

“We have a shared common goal which is to try to help healthcare professionals make sense of the complexity of pain and to try and help promote best practice within healthcare around the planet and I think they’re doing some wonderful work and Embodia is fabulous.”

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