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One platform for pelvic health rehab professionals. Online continuing education, exercise prescription, questionnaires, and patient education.

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Learn from top pelvic health educators online

Take courses on your own time and at your own pace from a wide range of pelvic health educators including Pelvic Health Solutions, Antony Lo, Julie Wiebe, Carolyn Vandyken, Cecile Röst, and many more! Receive certificates of completion and earn CEUs on some courses (jurisdiction and course dependent).

Great up-to-date clinical information, courses, collaboration, and professional team building! Also, thank you so much for your online courses. Traveling and the costs of missing work to take physio courses is very expensive. As a Mom of 2 children juggling full-time clinic work and running my own pelvic floor physio clinic, I MUCH appreciate online content.

Corinne Wade, Pelvic PT

Pelvic HEP: prescribe, monitor, and support

A library of pelvic exercise videos, including content from Pelvic Health Solutions, Susan Clinton, Shelly Prosko, and Carolyn Vandyken. Prescribe videos with custom instructions, monitor progress, and directly message your patients all on Embodia’s secure platform. Record patients performing exercises in session for a truly personalized approach.

Pelvic health education for your patients

Educate and empower your patients by sharing educational resources on pelvic health (and a wide range of other topics) with them. Have your own resources? Create your own educational handouts in written, audio, video, or image format. Keep them private to your account or create a clinic library.

Recovering from multiple pelvic fractures was a painful, slow process. The Embodia app made it less lonely. The friendly exercise time reminder and progress tracker helped me feel linked to my physiotherapist. It was encouraging.

Heather Miller, Patient

Share, view, and track questionnaires and outcome measures

Create and customize questionnaires including intake forms, satisfaction surveys, and standardized outcome measures. Select from a wide range of templates available including the DASS, CSI, FABQ, and Pelvic Health Symptom Monitor, or create your own! Use our automated scoring to view change over time on elegant dashboards.

Digital bladder, fibre, and custom diaries

Share and track diaries digitally from the web and mobile Embodia app. Patients can add unlimited entries and practitioners can view entries from their Embodia account. Gone are the days of asking patients to carry around paper diaries!

As a clinician, Embodia has made my practice infinitely more effective in how I distribute home exercise and education to my patients making it easier for them to review, log and succeed in meeting their goals. It also differentiates me from other practitioners as patients love how easy it is to stay on track. As a continuing education platform Embodia is nothing short of engaging, convenient and affordable quality education - the community of practitioners I have been able to stay connected with is an added plus. Love this product!

Holly Mitchell, Physiotherapist

Create and upload your own content

Customize your account by creating your own library of exercises, patient education, and questionnaires. Choose to make each piece of content private to your account or available to your colleagues in your clinic account. Interested in contributing to our public content library? Contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.

Privacy and security are paramount

HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA compliant. We go above and beyond to safeguard the information of our clinics, clinicians, instructors and patients.

My patients LOVE having an exercise video to follow and reminders on their phone to tell them to do their exercises. This has been very well received by my patients. No more paper handouts!! The trees in beautiful Huntsville, my new hometown, are also saying, "Thank you" :)"

Carolyn Vandyken, Pelvic Physiotherapist and Continuing Education Instructor

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